Quotes Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with my year as Miss Muscatine 2015. As a newbie to the state of Iowa, I was welcomed with open arms to a family full of legacy, wisdom, encouragement, and love. The Miss Muscatine board made it their job to make sure I felt prepared and confident by the time I stepped onto the Miss Iowa stage. While I had doubts, the board never failed to give me the confidence and drive that I need to continue my journey. Any girl would be lucky to work with the Miss Muscatine family. Because of them, I accomplished my personal goal of winning interview at state, and achieved the honor of first runner up. After state was over, my directors were still there for me every step of the way in preparation for the National Sweetheart Pageant. They even came to cheer me on in Hoopeston, IL where I finished in the top 5. I would not be the person I am today without the Miss Muscatine program. Thank you to all of the AMAZING people that made my year unforgettable. Quotes
Kristen One
Miss Muscatine 2015, 1st RU to Miss Iowa, Top 5 at Sweetheart

Quotes My experience as Miss Muscatine and my journey to Miss Iowa and Miss America has shaped me in ways I didn't even know were possible. The Miss Muscatine board was so much more than just a pageant board to me, they were family. The self confidence and knowledge they provided me through my journey was unparalleled. They always lifted me up and let me know that nothing was unreachable. They are the most fun, dedicated, and qualified ladies, and I was so pleased with the coaching and preparation they provided me with. I was continuously learning life lessons with these ladies and memories that will last a lifetime! They showed me that with hard work and perseverance, you can achieve great things. Any girl who gets the opportunity to work with the Miss Muscatine board is one lucky lady. Thank you so much for helping shape the woman I am! Xoxo Quotes
Mariah Cary
Miss Muscatine 2012/Miss Iowa 2012/4th RU Miss America

Quotes Being Miss Muscatine has impacted my life in ways I could not have imagined. The limits and barriers I once set, have now been broken. The constant love and encouragement I received from the Muscatine board made my year not only possible, but extremely effective and memorable. I am so grateful that the Miss Muscatine board provided me with the tools to teach me that I am stronger than I think I am and I have more to share than I know. They not only worked with me on preparation in wardrobe, mock interviews and stage presence, but also compensated my lack of experience by filling me with confidence and the knowledge I needed walking into Miss Iowa. I could not have had the successful year I had without the support of my board. They not only became my mentors, but also friends for a life time. I am truly blessed to have been apart of the Miss Muscatine family! I love you!! Quotes
Isabella Blaine
Miss Muscatine 2013

Quotes The Muscatine board is wonderful. I have never been so prepped and confident going into Miss Iowa Week. Ashley, Kindra, and Elaine worked with me in every aspect to help me be the best Miss Muscatine Outstanding Teen. They were incredibly supportive and passionate during my reign and I can't thank them enough! I am so blessed to have them as directors for a year! Quotes
Nina Yu
Miss Muscatine Outstanding Teen 2014

Quotes I've had the privilege of working with the Miss Muscatine organization over the course of several years, twice as a titleholder. If you're looking to win a family, support system and group of new friends along with a crown, this is definitely the program for you. The executive directors Kindra and Ashley and sponsors Legacy Group Pageant Consulting (Michelle and Jessica) know what needs to be done to be prepared for the state level. The best part about it all is that it's fun too! I would highly recommend becoming involved with Miss Muscatine in any capacity as a contestant, board member, judge, sponsor or fan. I'm blessed to have been a part of it! Quotes
Leah Bunkers
Miss Pearl City 2014

Quotes The Miss Muscatine Board puts so much effort into every part of their pageant from start to finish and it is run by a phenomenal group of people. They select qualified judges and take the time to give a well-attended and informative judges seminar. It was wonderful having a refresher course on what we should be looking for in a new Miss Muscatine. They were there to answer any questions we had and the pageant itself was entertaining and ran very smoothly. They obviously make sure all the contestants are ready in advance for this pageant and it shows on stage. Obviously they are doing something right having two Miss Iowa's in a row which tells me preparation of their Miss Muscatine is extremely important. I am thankful to call these directors/board members friends and also thrilled to make new Pageant friends. I would recommend this pageant to any young lady looking to compete and to any qualified person who is interested in judging Good luck at Miss IA! Quotes
Tracy Kochenderfer
Judge - Miss Muscatine Pageant

Quotes I don't think I could say enough good things about the Miss Muscatine Board and that pageant. I had a wonderful experience judging there on January 5 this year. They are incredibly organized with the way they handle the entire process. I was very impressed with the judges' credentialing session run by one of the directors of Miss Iowa. Also, they put together an incredibly competent panel of judges, representing diversity of talent and career backgrounds. Also, the quality of contestants was wonderful. There were numerous contestants who may well be future local and state titleholders, and possibly even more. This board also clearly understands the process of preparing a contestant for state competition. Their last 2 titleholders have won Miss Iowa, and the most recent one was fourth-runner-up at Miss America. One thing that clearly sets this pageant apart at the local level is the scholarship given to the winner. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. Glenn Harman Quotes
Glenn S. Harman, M.D.
Head Judge, Miss Muscatine 2013

Quotes Miss Muscatine was my very first pageant to compete in, but I was put at ease the moment I got there because of the professionalism of the Muscatine board. Right after I won the title, I knew I had their support and became good friends with the board as they helped me prepare for Miss Iowa. All aspects of the competition I felt completely prepared for because of a great wardrobe, multiple mock interviews, and more. I won the title of Miss Iowa 2011, and the support and experience of the Muscatine team was part of my success. What I lacked in experience they helped make up with their own experience and advice. They supported me on my journey to Miss America as well. I recommend them to any young lady, whether she is a seasoned competitor or is just trying it out for the first time. Thank you so much to the board for what was an amazing, whirlwind year! Quotes
Jessica Pray
Miss Muscatine/Miss Iowa 2011

Quotes I had the pleasure of judging the Miss Muscatine Scholarship Pageant this year and it was a terrific experience. Everything is so well organized and runs like clockwork. Ashley and Kindra and their team direct an extremely efficient program. The judges training was so very helpful. I judge an average of 3 local pageants a year and I can truthfully say this is one of the best pageants that I have been a part of. I plan to use much of the information that I learned to train and motivate my judges at the Miss Madison-Capital City Scholarship Pageant in Wisconsin. It is no wonder that the last 2 Miss Muscatine's have been Miss Iowa and I think you may have a third Miss Iowa. Quotes
Joe Neumaier
Executive Director-Miss Madison-Capital City Scholarship Pageant

Quotes The Miss Muscatine program was our first and only experience with a local pageant board. We were complete newcomers to the pageant system, and they were patient in helping me and Jessica and her dad learn the ropes. They were supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic and very generous with their time and resources. I remember fondly all the fun times we had with them and am so grateful for their excellent preparation of Jessica for the Miss Iowa competition---it paid off! Quotes
Rita Pray
Mother of Jessica Pray, Miss Muscatine/Miss Iowa 2011