Miss Muscatine, Miss Pearl City, Muscatine, and Pearl City OT 2018

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Former Miss Muscatine & Pearl City Titleholders

2016-2017 Maddison Lange (T10)

2015-2016 Kaylee Jones (NF)

2015-2016  Jessica Baker (2nd RU)

2014-2015       Kristen One (1st RU)

2014-2015       Christy Scimeca/MPC (NF)

2014-2015       Stacy Phipps/MR (T10)

2013-2014       Serica Rowley (4th RU)

2013-2014       Leah Bunkers Stephens (NF)

2012-2013       Isabella Blaine (1st RU)

2011-2012       Mariah Cary (Miss Iowa/MA 4RU)

2010-2011       Jessica Pray (Miss Iowa/MA T10)

2010-2011       Elizabeth Davidson/MPC (1st RU)

2009-2010       Elizabeth Davidson (1st RU)

2009-2010       Jennifer Neal Lintz/MPC (2nd RU)

2008-2009       Jennifer Neal Lintz(1stRU,NS T10)

2007-2008       Michelle Yoshimura (NF)

2006-2007       Devin Howell (2nd RU)

2005-2006       Cassie Lauterbach Marks (4th RU)

2004-2005       Kay Pauszek (Miss Iowa)

2003-2004       Michelle Swieter Berndt (1st RU)

2002-2003       Crystal Copeland Ford (SF)

2001-2002     No Program Held

2000-2001     Jessica Mead (4th RU)

1999-2000     Ginger Wolfe (1st RU)

1998-1999     Jessica McGill Mead

1997-1998    Melissa Hendriks Wolfe (4th RU)

1996-1997    Therese Creal

1995-1996    Melissa Hendriks Wolfe (1st RU, NS T10)

1994-1995    Jennifer Fry

1993-1994    Leslie Pohren Moore (1st RU)

1992-1993    Kimberly Kopf Sywassink

1991-1992    Leslie Pohren Moore (1st RU)

1990-1991    Lisa Somodi (Miss Iowa)

                      Julia Schauland

1989-1990    Wendy Robinson Koch

1988-1989    Catherine Lemkau Herd

1987-1988    Robin Weeks

1986-1987    Lisa Somodi

1985-1986    Lisa Scherrer

1984-1985    Leslie Orr

1983-1984    Cynthia Weber

1982-1983    Sara Riley

1981-1982    Cynthia Weber

1980-1981    Martha Kay Riley

1979-1980    Sheri Cook

1978-1979    Victoria Austin

1977-1978    Suzi Smith

1976-1977    Kathy Keely

1975-1976    Peggy Nopoulos

1974-1975    DeLynn Price Davis

1973-1974    Debbie Smith

1972-1973    Christine Oest

1971-1972    Betty Cleffman

1970-1971    Theresa Bahr

1969-1970    Mindy Rockwell

1968-1969    Karen Pearlman

1967-1968    Linda Flanders

1966-1967    Linda Zimmer (T10) (SS)

1965-1966    Carol Bunn Riley (T10)

Former Muscatine & Pearl City Outstanding Teen Titleholders

2015-2016 Sophia Aguirre (3rd RU)

2015-2016  Julia Baker (T8) 

2012-2013     Anna Masengarb (2nd RU)

2011-2012     Maggie Gehlsen (1st RU)

2010-2011     Brooklyn Heuer  (NF)

2010-2011      Jessica Erbst/PC OT (SF)  

2009-2010      Leah Bunkers (1st RU)

2008-2009      Richelle Orr 

2007-2008      Abby Curtis (NF)

2006-2007      Nicole Bodman

Emily Lofgren/PC  OT

2005-2006      Taryn Skola

2004-2005      Miranda Leopard

2003-2004      Amanda Burroughs

2002-2003      Elizabeth Miller 

2001-2002       No Program Held

2000-2001       Brittany Vestal

1999-2000       Megan Sickels

Former Pearl City Youth TItleholders

2006-2007 Jr. Miss Pearl City Ashley Manning
LI'l MIss Pearl City Kelsie Beardsley 

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  • "Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with my year as Miss Muscatine 2015. As a newbie to the state of Iowa, I was welcomed with open arms to a family full of legacy, wisdo..."
    Kristen One
    Miss Muscatine 2015, 1st RU to Miss Iowa, Top 5 at Sweetheart
  • "The Muscatine board is wonderful. I have never been so prepped and confident going into Miss Iowa Week. Ashley, Kindra, and Elaine worked with me in every aspect to help me be t..."
    Nina Yu
    Miss Muscatine Outstanding Teen 2014

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